Event: Teaching the 21st Century Learner

Withrow Home and School Association invites the Jackman Community to attend Teaching the 21st Century Learner with guest speaker Garfield Gini-Newman.

This community event happens on Thursday, January 19th at 7 pm in the Withrow Library. Childcare will be provided.

It is becoming more important than ever that our children are taught the 3 C’s: creative, critical, and collaborative thinking.

Nurturing children’s capacity for effective problem solving is one of the most important ways both teachers and parents can help ensure success in school and beyond.

Garfield Gini-Newman will briefly explore some of the key findings in brain research that shed light on learning and will share some ways parents can work with their children to help them become good critical thinkers.

Garfield Gini-Newman is a national consultant with The Critical Thinking Consortium and a lecturer at OISE/University of Toronto. His primary area of research involves the pedagogy of critical thinking and ways to embed critical thinking in classrooms from Kindergarten to graduate school.

To attend, email withrowhands@gmail.com

Download the flyer: Critical Thinking at Withrow

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