Talking About Equity

Last week Astrid Jacques – a member of the parent council’s equity
committee – attended the Fran Endicott Equity Resource Centre. It is
described by the TDSB as “home to a diverse collection of
equity-focused resources … including print and non-print resources
on equity and human rights education, including curricular materials
that challenge discrimination based on race, religion, gender, sexual
orientation, socio-economic status, ability, and age.
” The TDSB notes
that the collection is available for loan to TDSB parents, students,
and staff.
TDSB Equitable Schools

The purpose of going to the centre was to get a sense of available
resources that could support teaching and learning at Jackman from an
equity/inclusiveness perspective. Members of the parent equity
committee (Joanna Birenbaum, Muriel Deschenes and Astrid Jacques) also
recently met with Alisha Mohammed, a teacher equity lead, to discuss
what in-class resources would best assist Jackman teachers within both
the English and French streams. Ms. Mohammed will soon be surveying
her colleagues to identify grade-appropriate resources that the parent
council will fund this school year.

This will mean the staff will begin Fall instruction better prepared
and better equipped. Resources and training were two areas seen as
most important via the Jackman equity survey of teachers taken last

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