Eco Schools Update

TDSB Eco SchoolsAs many of you are aware, Jackman is one of only 34 schools who have achieved platinum status within TDSB for our commitment to the environment. The Eco-schools Dept establishes rigorous criteria that we must meet in order to achieve this status. In December our eco-team compromised of parents, students, and teachers participated in a garbage audit to examine the effectiveness of our garbage streaming. In my Jan. 12 newsletter I noted that 45% of our garbage came from food waste and that too much food was being tossed out, uneaten by students. Suggestions were given to parents to reduce food given at school or to cut food items like fruits and vegetables into bite size pieces so students can graze throughout the day.
This past week, the first of two other whole school audits were conducted. The auditor examined our collected documentation demonstrating the eco-literacy units that were recently done in all our classrooms, as well as the monthly initiatives completed by our eco team. We had been previously told to expand our commitment throughout the school and to include more explicit teaching around environmental sustainability issues within the curriculum. The auditor was very pleased to see not only bulletin boards showcasing student work but the array of topics that had been recently completed in the school. The auditor also examined our monthly energy use, the cleaning products used, the kinds of paper ordered, toured each of the classrooms and gardens to complete her notes. She will then provide us with some feedback to make improvements for the final audit in the spring.
This gives you a sense of just how detailed and thorough these audits are and how significant the award of platinum status is within our school board.

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