English Book Fair Next Week!

From the Jackman Library:
Here comes the English Book Fair! After our old book fair provider closed up shop, I have been looking around for a new company to provide us with an interesting book fair. Many of our classrooms already participate in Scholastic’s classroom book order program, so Scholastic was not on the top of my list.
I have found an educational publisher who produces high quality books on a variety of topics. We are going to give them a try this year. The company’s name is Usborne Books – you can visit their website if you would like to see what they are about and how their book fairs work.
During the fair, a large selection of books will be on display in the library. Children and parents are invited to come by and browse. If you see books you are interested in you will place an order with the company representative and we will distribute the books to students once they arrive at the school. You will also be able to place orders for books online through the website mentioned above.

The book fair will run from February 14th to February

We will open for browsing and for ordering before school, at recess and after school on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday evening we will be open late for interview night, and we will be open Friday morning again for interview day.
It’s a bit different – we’ll see how it goes.

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