Your Support Makes the Difference!

Now that we are just past the half way mark in the school year, it is time to let all parents know how grateful we are for the personal and financial contributions you make to the school. Your support through the many fundraising initiatives like pizza lunch, magazine drive, direct donation, and the annual spring fair help us enrich the school experience for the children. For example, your monies this year have allowed us to purchase:

a) math manipulatives for every classroom
b) environmentally sustainable science kits which were used in our eco-pathway
c) two Scientists in the School events for every classroom
d) top up classroom budgets for day to day materials as well as special art projects
e) refurbish our athletic mats
f) add to our library collection
g) theatre performances on various topics and issues
h) a chessmaster to run the lunchtime chess program on Fridays

We are still determining how best to utilize funds allotted to our music program and to add to the current technology we use with students in our classrooms. In progress, as I write the newsletter our equity committee is determining a resource list of books that will be purchased for every classroom that may be used by students during independent reading time or by the teacher in teaching our equity topics.
The organization for the spring fair is beginning and it takes a considerable number of volunteers to make it the special event that it is. The spring fair raises the most amount of money and funds our core programs. The fund raising parent team headed up by Lisa Mitchell welcomes whatever contribution you would like to make. She can be reached at So why not get involved, meet new people and support the school in a concrete way.

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