You’re Invited: Dr. Alex Russell speaks at Frankland on March 8

Dr. Alex Russell

Great news! All Jackman and community parents are invited to attend an informative speaker session at Frankland next Thursday, March 8th, from 7-9pm. Dr. Alex Russell will speak to all parents in the community.

The heart of Dr. Russell’s message is that children learn through the experience of non-catastrophic, painful failure, and it is through the process of these failures that they mature into resilient, resourceful and emotionally balanced individuals. Dr. Russell encourages parents to stand back and watch their kids without always intervening, even though this means they will sometimes make bad decisions; and to accept their mistakes with good humour (and without panic), and resisting pressures telling you to get more active and controlling. Parents need to see failing (tests, courses, tryouts for sports teams) as a normal part of growing up and not a sign of their incompetence that needs to be avoided at all costs. Children need to be worried at times, bored at others and even hurt occasionally. For more information about Dr. Russell’s advice on resiliency, download this flyer. Alex Russell Workshop

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