Outdoor Environment Committee Update: Earth Week and More!

The Outdoor Environment Committee is meeting on Wed April 11 at 7pm. Please join us! If you wish to attend please RSVP to Julie at j.dale@sympatico.ca for location details. We will be planning Earth Week activities, our spring garden plans and reviewing our budget.

The Jackman Outdoor Environment Committee is planning activities for Earth Week (April 16-20).

FreecycleFreecycling: the act of giving away usable and unneeded items to others instead of disposing of them in landfills.

After a great success last year we will be doing FREECYCLE again.  Are you looking for a good home for any used sports equipment?  Are you starting your Spring cleaning and have things that you don’t need anymore?  Freecycling at Jackman is the answer.  Here is your chance to donate it right within the Jackman community.  Drop off what you are finished with and take home what you need – for Free!!

We will be collecting used sports equipment including skates, cleats, helmets, dance wear, baseball gloves, tennis rackets,  Jackman gear, winter outerwear and rain boots. Unfortunately, we are unable to store bikes. We are asking that everything is in good condition.  The Freecycle will start on Monday April 16 and ends on Friday April 20.

If you would like to help with the Freecycle or any other OEC activities, please contact Julie at j.dale@sympatico.ca or Karen at karen@wiebes.net.

New life
Last weekend members of the Outdoor Environment Committee put the fence around the Maze. 


Don't step on the daffodils!

This is to give the plants a good start for the new growing season.  Please stay out of the Maze for now.  Also in all our other gardens things are coming to life.  Tulips and daffodils are peeking through, and perennials are coming out of the ground.  Maybe you and your child can find the spot where their class has planted bulbs in the fall, to see what is coming out of the ground.  Parents, please remind your children to stay on the asphalt, while the plants are small and easily stepped on.  Please show respect to all living things in our gardens, also before and after school.

SunflowerIn honour of the start of Spring the members of the OEC have created the Great Sunflower Extravaganza experiment.  Each classroom was supplied with a pot, soil and sunflower seeds.  It is up to each class to grow a sunflower and take care of it.  We will have a friendly competition to see who will grow the tallest flower, the biggest flower, the first to bloom, etc.  We look forward to the results and hope everyone will be inspired to grow things.

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