Eco Club Update!

Wow! 50 eager kids have signed up for Eco Club. We meet every Wednesday at lunch with the mission of solving an important recycling/garbage problem. We are confident that we can make a difference. Together we can save Toronto from the plight of clear plastic clamshell containers!

Six Bags Full

Six Bags Full!

So far, we’ve collected 6 garbage bags full of plastic clamshell containers. We want more! So, don’t throw your clamshells away… send them to school instead.

Our first task has been a letter writing campaign targeting the leaders of the city of Toronto. Here’s a sample of a letter written by two of Jackman’s eco club members:

To Whom It May Concern,

Hi, our names are Noah and Will. We are students at Jackman Avenue Public School. We have a problem! The city of Toronto doesn’t allow us to recycle plastic clamshell containers. Most people put them in recycling by mistake.

We are confused. Why can’t we recycle these containers? We can recycle water bottles and they seem the same as clamshells.

We want the city to recycle clamshells so they don’t have to go into the garbage. Can you make it happen? We want Toronto to be a green city.
Noah and Will
Content provided by Mr. Cressman

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