Pink Day

Last Wednesday the school all wore pink to highlight International Day of Pink – a day set aside to fight bullying against homophobia. Ms. Cheng’s grade four class wrote the following poem as part of the learning that occurred on that day:

There was a boy who wore pink on the first day of school.
He got teased and assaulted by boys who didn’t understand.
Two older kids helped him, and then wore pink to school the next day.
Then two of their friends, then two of their friends, then two of their friends, until by the end of the week everyone was positively pink!
What started out sad and scary, ended up safe and supportive.
Instead of calling names and bullying…
We should support a friend,
support a stranger, hold a hand, share a smile, use kind words,
don’t just be a bystander,
but instead stand strong, make a new friend, get along,
search for similarities, not differences.
Be tolerant.
Be pink!

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