Pizza Lunch Help Needed!

Pizza LunchPizza Patti is graduating. Patti has been the driving force behind the Pizza Lunch at Jackman for many years. We thank her for all the hours she has put into this. For many students Pizza lunch is the highlight of the month and we are definitely looking forward to continuing the program. There is a dedicated core group of parents that have organized pizza lunch in the past years, but we could use some help.
Some of the jobs that need to be done:

  • buying juice (when needed),
  • organizing the cheques and money that come in (in September),
  • getting the bags ready (Wednesday morning before pizza lunch),
  • being in charge of ordering the pizza (the week of pizza lunch),
  • counting the pizza slices for each classroom (on pizza lunch day start time 11:00)

If you are at all interested in taking on any or all (just joking) of these jobs please contact Sharon or Claudia or find us in the schoolyard. We are hoping to get a group of about 8-10 people together, so we can divide the tasks.

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