Student Placement: A Note from the Principal

Dear Jackman Families:

The process of student placement is a thoughtful and collaborative one that invites input from these sources:

  • sending and receiving teachers
  • principal, vice principal
  • support personnel (Special Education Resource Teachers, other teachers)
  • During the last week of May and the early weeks of June, meetings will be devoted to student placement. During these meetings, the best possible educational experience for your child will be given the utmost consideration. Parent information shared throughout the year at parent/teacher conferences and School Support Team will be helpful as we discuss the student placement process and consider the following:

  • balance of numbers in a class
  • ratio of males & females in a class
  • balance of academic performance according to Ministry expectations
  • consideration of sibling placement
  • consideration of possible negative peer influences
  • social, emotional and physical needs of the student
  • If there is information you feel that your child’s teacher is not aware of, and should be considered in making a decision regarding his/her placement, please submit it in writing to the teacher and Ms. Palmer, by May 18. Please do not identify specific teachers when sharing your thoughts about placement. You will be notified of your child’s teacher and room number for 2012-2013 in the June Report Card, which will be distributed on Thursday, June 28.

    Below is the tentative Classroom Organization for the 2012-2013 school year. The student numbers used to create this organization are based on projected students we are expecting at each grade level. They are subject to change and possible re-organization in the fall.

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