Bakers Wanted for Spring Fair – May 26

Bakers, fire up your ovens. The Spring Fair is just around the corner. Our Bake Table is a very popular staple at the Fair, and your cookies, cakes and other nut-free yummies are always purchased and inhaled with great enthusiasm by our crowds! To streamline pricing/selling, keep in mind the following when sizing your items:

· 1 cookie 2 inch diameter = 1 ticket ($0.25)

· 1 iced muffin = 2 tickets ($0.50)

· 1 3”x 3” brownie = 3 tickets ($0.75)

All items should be PEANUT/NUT FREE.

Please drop off your yummy creations in the main floor kitchen on Friday May 25th or bring them to the bake table early on the morning of the Fair. CLEARLY LABEL any containers you want back. You can pick them up in the main floor kitchen after the Fair.

HAPPY BAKING! (or buying – you don’t have to make treats from scratch if you don’t have time 😉

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