Eco Club Update: Making Progress

Clamshell Castle

The Clamshell Castle

We did it! We have made some real progress with the issue of recycling clamshell containers. Change is on the way. We wrote letters to various city officials and have received replies from many of them. Everyone was very impressed by the active role our students are taking in helping our city and planet.

We were very encouraged by our responses from city councillors, Paula Fletcher and Mary Fragedakis. Together, they are bringing forward the issue at the next city council meeting, June 14. That’s progress! The General Manager of Solid Waste Management, Vincent Sterrazza, has also written to us. He informed us that the city is working towards a solution that could be realized within the next year. That’s encouraging!

We also feel like we’ve helped the Jackman students and community become more aware of this issue. Many people, who mistakenly put the clamshells in recycling, now understand that they sadly go in the garbage. Did you see our clamshell castle at Nuit Verte? We used 17 extra large garbage bags of clamshell containers and a whole lot of hot glue to create our wonderful castle. It wasn’t easy, but it worked. Now everyone’s talking about the clamshell issue. Unfortunately, the castle is now in the garbage.

Thank you to the all of the grade 3 and 4 students who participated in the club each week. Their efforts made the Eco Club a huge success.

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