Jackman’s T-shirt Contest

T-shirt contestMany kids have a yellow Jackman Jaguar T-shirt. Wearing a Jackman T-shirt is a great way to show your school spirit.
“Go Jackman!”
So here’s my idea… I think Jackman is ready for a new T-shirt… a green T-shirt… a T-shirt that celebrates the Eco side of Jackman. We can be proud of all the things we do as an Eco School. “Let’s go green Jackman!”

I need help designing this new Eco T-shirt. Students can create a simple picture and slogan and submit their ideas to Mr. Cressman for consideration. The deadline is Thursday, June 21. The winner will receive a free t-shirt (once they are made next fall).

Don’t worry, the yellow Jaguar t-shirt won’t be going anywhere – it’s a Jackman tradition worth keeping.

Download the entry form here: T-Shirt Contest Form

Got questions? Just ask. paul.cressman@tdsb.on.ca

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