News From the Outdoor Environment Committee

Jackman’s Sunflower Extravaganza
We would like to congratulate all participants for their enthusiasm, care and efforts in growing their sunflowers. Overall the results were excellent. Some interesting tricks and props were employed to help the plants grow. Stakes included rulers, paint brush, pencil, popsickle sticks taped together. Room 105 had a very decorated pot, room 207AM had the biggest pot and room 313 grew their sunflower in a mixing bowl. Room 305 used a lot of compost and room 207PM put a moisture mushroom in the pot, to water the plant over the weekend.

Here are the winners.
Tallest plant: Honourable mention: Room 207AM: 90cm
Winner: Carol and the office: 99cm
Strongest stem: Honourable mention: Room 305
Winner: Room 210
Biggest Leaf: Honourable mention: Room 311: 13cm
Winner: Room 305: 16cm
Biggest Bloom: Honourable mention: Room 201: 5 cm
Winner: Room 312 : 7.5cm

Thanks everyone for participating.

Summer watering
Please help us water the gardens at Jackman during the summer time. Our students are very lucky to have these gardens around their school and we need your help to keep them in good form during the warm summer weather. There is a sign-up sheet in the school lobby. Each garden has a little garden bag with all the essentials in it. This bag gets passed around between families. It is quite easy and your children will love doing this responsible job.

Community Gardening Work Parties
Our Community Gardening Party from Saturday June 2 has been postponed. We are now gardening on Wednesday June 20 from 3:30-5:00. Get ready to get your hands dirty and work in our gardens. Children will earn a Jackman garden button.

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