Jackman Is Platinum!

Jackman is a Certified Platinum EcoSchool!

We did it! Jackman has once again been certified as a Platinum EcoSchool!
The Eco Audit report highlighted many of our continued efforts as an EcoSchool and also celebrated many of our new initiatives. We scored very high in ‘Leadership and Teamwork’. Jackman couldn’t meet its Eco goals without the continued support of our administrators, teachers, parents and students. Together we can make a difference.

Way to go team!

We also scored very high in ‘Creating Vibrant School Grounds’. Our schoolyard is looking greener than ever! And our greening is coming indoors too. The sunflower contest was a big hit.
We were recognized for all the hard work that we do with ‘Energy Conservation’ and ‘Waste Minimization’. Still, there’s lots more work to be done. The ‘battle’ must continue.

The auditor was pleased with Jackman teachers’ ability to integrate more ‘Ecological Literacy’ into classroom learning this year. Jackman students are more Eco aware because of it. Jackman’s Eco club also made some real progress on the clamshell container issue, including this article in the Toronto Sun.

Thanks to everyone who participated in making Jackman the EcoSchool that it is today. Thank you to Mme. Favlo and Ms. Csamer who headed up this year’s student Eco team. A special thank you to Room 305 and room 304 for their tireless efforts, picking up our school’s compost and recycling. We greatly appreciate the parents on the outdoor environment committee for their countless contributions to the greening of Jackman.

Next year is looking to be another great Eco year! Jackman’s Eco Team will include more kids next year. A new ‘green’ t-shirt will be available in next year’s Jackman Gear order. We’ll also make strong efforts to decrease the amount of food wasted at lunchtime. Students will have more opportunities to voice their Eco concerns. Jackman will also support other schools as they embark on their Eco journeys.

We’ve got lots to be excited about. Go Green Jackman!
Mr. Cressman

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