Action Plan for Teaching Principles of Equity/Social Justice

Action Plan for Teaching Principles of Equity/Social Justice

Student learning at Jackman takes many forms. One of these forms involves examining the Ontario Curriculum expectations through the lens of Equity and Social Justice.
Over the last 6 years, educators at Jackman have worked diligently to infuse their classroom teaching with challenging subject matter such as homophobia, racism, classicism, poverty, ableism and sexism (to name just a few). Teachers have come together to examine issues of injustice we all face in order to help our students to realize that change and justice is possible through questioning, will and hard work.
This year is no different. The Teacher Equity Committee, in consultation with our Parent Equity Committee and Administration, have decided upon the following equity themes for student learning this year. These themes will be infused into our Language programs:

Self-Regulation/Grit  – exploring how we can persevere through challenges

Ability – a look at the special education experience in our classrooms

Family Structures – a study of today’s families – same sex parents, adoptive families, divorced families, blended families, grandparents and extended families as caregivers

Race and Identity – discussing race and the Canadian identity, including mixed race and same race experiences

This year’s themes were purposefully chosen to reflect the experiences our children live everyday. Our intention is to help them learn that they are key stakeholders in the fight for social justice and equity both for themselves and others.
Should you have suggestions for resources that could help with the delivery of any of this year’s themes, please email Ms. Mohammed at Your suggestions are welcome!
Finally, this year’s Teacher Equity Committee includes: Ms. Mohammed, Mr. Selberg, Ms. Stillman, Ms. Archibald, Mr. McCullough and Mlle Grandpierre. Feel free to contact us with questions!

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