2016-2017 School Council

Position Name
Co-Chair Liz West
Secretary Jeannine Bourgon
Treasurer Nahuel Arruda-Starzenski
Fundraising Co-chair Paola Gomez
Fundraising Co-chair VACANT
Outdoor Environment Committee Co-chair Lisa Milne
Outdoor Environment Committee Co-chair Jennifer Proos
Volunteer/Social Co-chair Sara O’Neill
Volunteer/Social Co-chair Chris Robertson
Education (French) Representative Vasha Zindros
Education (English) Representative Angela Pyle
Equity Co-chair Lisa Farun
Equity Co-chair Astrid Jacques
Strategic Planning Co-chair Theodora Rowlands
Strategic Planning Co-chair Jeremy Gibbs
Communications Co-chair Melanie Carino


Communications Co-chair Maria Saras-Voutsinas
Members at Large Daryl Watson
Members at Large Cissy Ho
Community Representative Deirdre Fernandes
Teacher Representative (French) Karen Pace
Teacher Representative (English) Dimitra Douzenis
School Administration Representative Rory Sullivan (Principal





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