Safety Alert

For Your Information

 These 2 incidents occurred in the Earl Grey Senior Public School’s Community this past weekend to 2 different students.

 The first incident occurred on Sunday, May 19th at approximately 7:30 p.m.

A student was approached by 2 males at the NW corner of Gough and Danforth Ave.

The suspects were described as:

·        Caucasian, 14-15 years of age, light brown hair, wearing a white T-shirt, having a black bike

·        Black, 14-15 years of age, approximately 6’2”, wearing a black cap and a black hoodie, having a black bike

 The student was asked if he knew  “Chelsea” (he did not know her).  The two suspects then asked the student if they could use his cell to call Chelsea: the request was declined.  The suspects then threatened to beat up the student and began chasing him along the Danforth (towards Broadview).  The student sat in a public area at Danforth and Logan, waiting for the 2 suspects to leave him. The suspects left, but came back after 10 minutes, giving him threating looks from a distance before finally leaving.

 The second incident occurred on Monday, May 20th at approximately 3:30 p.m.

A second student was approached by 2 males at the corner of Logan and Danforth Ave. (with matching descriptions of the aforementioned suspects).  Similar to the first incident, the student was asked by suspects if they could use his cell.  When declined, the suspects threatened to beat him up and began following him until the student reached Jackman P.S.

 Both boys reported the issues today to the school office.  Police from 55 Division have been called.  The incident is being deferred to 54 Division.

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