See you on Saturday!


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One Response to See you on Saturday!

  1. Terry Walsh says:

    Well Done Jackman! I spent a couple of hours among you on Saturday to achnowledge and celebrate with you – the 50th year of the Jackman Experience! It was great to be back in the school yard and to be reminded, yet again of my own great experience at Jackman. It was great to see so many familiar faces, young and old. The vibe and energy was great. I fully understand what is involved in the production of such and event and congratulate your School Council and organizing committee for a FIRST CLASS event.

    I was especially moved by the memories contained among the photos and displays in the library. It was great to witness many of the interactions in that room – the woman who was among the first students to start at Jackman in 1962 – the man who wanted his photo taken with Mr. J, who was his grade 5 teacher in 1978 and they had not met since.

    Congratulations on a job well done – as always!
    Best regards,
    Terry Walsh

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