Dancing to the Diwali beat @ Jackman!

Dancing to the Diwali beat

On November 3rd, millions of people of South Asian ancestry in Canada and around the world, particularly Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs, observed Diwali. Diwali is commonly known as the “festival of lights” as it celebrates the triumph of good over evil, marked by lighting small clay lamps called Diyas (Deeyas). Diyas symbolize the victory of (inner) light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. Families and communities come together to share good food, sweets, and prayers.

With the help of Jackman parents, Reshmi Majumder, Sabina Haque, Kavita Khandelwal, Andrew James & Anne Gibson, students in Mme. Haines, Mme. Rankin & Mme. Hafner’s classes learned about Diwali and diverse South Asian culture through books, lively Bollywood dancing, music, creative art (e.g. Rangoli ), drinking yummy homemade mango lassi (traditional yogurt-based drink), snacking on samosas and a mini South Asian fashion show. Our lovely teachers kindly volunteered to model how to put on and gracefully wear a sari and other traditional clothing while other students did a spin in their lovely, distinct South Asian clothing for their classmates.

Finally a HUGE thank-you to Mr. Baker for juggling his schedule to ensure the 2nd floor gym was available for this event.

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