Extracurricular Update

Extracurricular Update

The results of the extracurricular survey are in! Thank you all for participating: the response was so strong that we had to close the survey after 273 families responded to avoid incurring additional charges from the survey website. Here are the results:

12.09% Mandarin

26.37% Lego

27.47% Yoga

41.03% Spirit of Math

44.69% Young Rembrandts (drawing and cartooning)

48.35% Mad Science

Principal Shaune Palmer has provided space in the school and has capacity for two activities. We will be starting with a five-week Yoga programme beginning on Thursday, November 21st and a four-week Mad Science programme beginning on Friday, November 22nd because these organizations were able to start with the shortest lead time. Both these programmes will run from 3:30-4:30 P.M., with a parent supervising arrival and dismissal. We are in discussions with Young Rembrandts and Spirit of Math to start early in the new year.

If you’re interested in helping plan future extracurricular activites, please come to a meeting of the Jackman School Council Extracurricular Working Group, and/or contact its co-chairs, Kavi Young kavita.khandelwalyoung@gmail.com and John Chew poslfit@gmail.com.


Yoga classes will be offered by Olivia Kulla, a certified yoga instructor practising Ashtanga Yoga, experienced in running children’s programmes. She writes:

I like to build the yoga kids classes around a story, for example a journey to the ancient Egypt or a journey to the rain forest. At the same time I want to build up confidence and will have some popular games repeating as the kids tend to enjoy to do things they are familiar with. I’ll bring in mindfulness and breathing to each class, first by just doing, later teaching the kids that these are tools that can be used in everyday life. I also make time and space for the kids to be involved and coming up with suggestions and sometimes they will do partner poses to interact and socialize. I mix the games and poses so there is something for both boys and girls, for example the space trip followed by butterfly pose or games like the ocean trip that both boys and girls enjoy.

The Yoga programme costs $50 + HST + $5 parent supervision fee, and is open to Jackman students in Grades 1–6. To register, print up a copy of the registration form and drop it off at the office with your payment: register

Mad Science

Many parents are familiar with Mad Science from their birthday party program, but they also run extracurricular programmes for schools like ours. Here’s what their website says about their offering:

These hands-on, one hour science programs spark imaginative learning and include topics such as rocketry, magnets, polymers and even the science of toys. Children engage in exciting and interactive activities, watch spectacular demonstrations, participate in inquiry-based discussions and take home cool items that they have made themselves such as: model rockets, periscopes, Mad Science putty and more.

Mad Science registration filled up the day that we sent out our initial announcement through class reps, but they are maintaining a waiting list that we will use to gauge interest in an additional session. It costs $58 + HST + $5 parent supervision fee, and is open to Jackman students in Grades 1–6; to register, please visit their website


Lunchtime Clubs

As posted here on November 3rd, Scrabble club starts for Grades 4-6 at lunchtime on Tuesday, November 12 in Ms. Stillman’s Room 313. For a list of other school-sponsored activities, don’t forget to check the school’s webpage:


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    Many thanks to whoever took the time to set up the blog. It’s useful.

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