Extracurricular update

Extracurricular update:

Mad Science’s first session is full.

Mad Science will run another session starting the week of January 20th. All those on the wait list will be accommodated in session two. Confirmation of session two enrolment will be communicated by email.

Session one, Yoga starts November 21st and runs for 5 weeks. A few spots remain. Yoga classes will be offered by Olivia Kulla, a certified yoga instructor practising Ashtanga Yoga, experienced in running children’s programmes. She writes:

I like to build the yoga kids classes around a story, for example a journey to the ancient Egypt or a journey to the rain forest. At the same time I want to build up confidence and will have some popular games repeating as the kids tend to enjoy to do things they are familiar with. I’ll bring in mindfulness and breathing to each class, first by just doing, later teaching the kids that these are tools that can be used in everyday life. I also make time and space for the kids to be involved and coming up with suggestions and sometimes they will do partner poses to interact and socialize. I mix the games and poses so there is something for both boys and girls, for example the space trip followed by butterfly pose or games like the ocean trip that both boys and girls enjoy.

The Yoga programme costs $50 + HST + $5 parent supervision fee, and is open to Jackman students in Grades 1–6. To register, print up a copy of the registration form: register and drop it off at the office with your payment.

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