Toronto School SCRABBLE Championship

Jamie Chew and Emerson Warner represented Jackman at the sixth annual Toronto School SCRABBLE Championship on Tuesday, March 4th at Bayview Glen. They lost a close game in the first round, 202-218, to a West End team from Swansea; then had to face the Eastern district champions, a pair of Grade 8 students from Churchill Heights and lost again, 259-349. In the afternoon though, they won a tight game 267-252 against a Grade 6 team from Palmerston and then crushed a Grade 7 team from Bessborough 299-205, repeatedly challenging their phoney plays from the board.
In the end, they finished right in the middle of the 28-team Grade 4-8 division, with a record of 2-2 +3 (two wins, two losses, cumulative point spread of 3 points), and were the highest-ranked Grade 5 team in the competition. They worked well as a team, had a lot of fun, and are considering entering the U.S. Nationals in April as an independent entry.
The final meeting of the Jackman Junior Scrabble Club will take place on Thursday, March 6th (changed from Tuesday this week to accommodate Jamie and Emerson); stay tuned for news about a Primary Scrabble Club.
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