New staff at Jackman!

From Shaune Palmer-

Mr. Frenette and I were busy in June and throughout the summer hiring new staff. Please join me in welcoming:


Lorraine Arnone-Di Mondo, HSP and Kindergarten Movement

Asma Motala, FDK

Dimitra Douzenis, FDK

Alcestis Konstantinou, French Immersion FDK

Kelly Marvin, Grade one and two French Immersion

Diane Wyman, Core French and French Immersion Learning Centre (LTO)

Daniel Opper, Grade five and six French Immersion

Early Childhood Educators:

Mary Kiriakidis (rm 109)

Christina Burk (rm 107a)

Eric Uy (rm 207)

Mandeep Kour (room 207a)

Emily Tolak (rm 208)

Educational Assistant:

Betty Bliangas (afternoon only)

Kindergarten Lunch Room Supervisors:

Suja Sardar (rm 108)

Maggie O’Brian (rm 109)

Sharon Anderson (rm 107a)

Koula Georgiou (rm 207)

Tiffany Johnson (rm 207a)

Janet Domenico (rm 208)


Iraj Safary (Chief)

David Love

Manuel Sanidad

As your family adjusts to the school routine, please ensure that your children arrive to school on time and that reading is part of the daily structure. We had an assembly last week and reviewed with the students the importance of a growth mind set. Children should be reinforced for their effort and persistence to task rather than the grade earned. Developing grit is a lifelong disposition that will serve them well in the future. Studies consistently show that reinforcing effort results in students taking on more challenging work and experimenting with more academic risks.

Au plaisir,

Shaune Palmer




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