Cross Country Running

Cross Country Running


Cross Country Jaguars prowl the Beach!


On Tuesday, October 7th, two hundred and seven Cross Country Jaguars descended on Ashbridges Bay Park for the annual Cross Country race. The day started on a very wet note as the sky opened up and drenched our Grade 1 “Baby Jaguars”  as they boarded the bus to go to the event.  After that soaking, the rest of the day unfolded and many Jaguars showed everyone in attendance that hard work and practice can go a long way.


The results from the meet will be posted hopefully by the weekend. The runners from Grade 3 to 6 have a chance to advance to the Conference finals if they placed in the top 30 positions.


Another way to qualify for the Conference finals is if Jackman has one of the top three team scores in each race.   A team score is obtained by adding up the placements of the first four runners to cross the finish line plus the next best finisher (5th runner).  For example, if the top five Jaguars finished in the following places:  5th, 15th, 20th, 40th and 45th.  The team score would be 80 (5+15+20+40=80).  If this is one of the three lowest team scores, then the fourth runner (40th) and the 5th runner (45th) would also advance to the next race.  In a lot of ways, the fourth runner is a very important factor in determining if a team is successful.

There are so many people to thank for helping make this event happen:


  • Ms. Cowen-Knox and Ms. Johnson for all of their help in the office;
  • Mme. Hafner and Mme. Falvo who volunteered as assist the six coaches who attended the event with the supervision;
  • Mme. DeGroot for helping with so many early morning practices;
  • Michelle Hunt for all her help assisting the coaches and supporting our Jaguars;
  • the McGrath family and all the parents who helped setting up our “home” base;
  • the parents who stepped up and volunteered to be on the buses and help supervise the children on the way, at the meet, and returning back to school.


We couldn’t have done it without you and all of the family members and friends who took the time to come down to the Beach and support our Jaguars… our running Jaguars thank you!


A practice schedule will be released once the coaches know how many Jaguars have advanced to the Conference finals on Monday, October 20th.  A total of thirty Jaguars have qualified at the time of this writing – seventeen girls and thirteen boys.


The Cross Country coaches are very proud of everyone who represented our school at the meet.

Keep running Jaguars!!!







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