Jackman’s Safe Arrival

Re: Jackman’s Safe Arrival


Dear Parents,


The T.D.S.B. is requiring all schools to go to a voice automated phone system to alert parents of a student absence or late. Our activation day is Monday, Jan. 5, immediately following the holiday break. Here is the information you need to know.


  1. All parents should continue to phone in a student absence as soon as you know. The phone line is open 24 hours a day. The number is 416 393 9715
  2. If you forget to phone in an absence, the automated phone call will go out around 10:00 am. It is important that you follow all prompts to complete the call otherwise you will receive another message from the system.

3. If the system does not reach you, a second phone call will go out to your second phone contact. The above cycle is then repeated if no contact is made. Shortly thereafter, the school receives a report indicating no contact has been made with parents. Sandra or Carol from our office will then manually try and contact you.

4.The above procedure will be done for student absences in the afternoon. The first call going out at 1:30 and the second one at 2:30.

5. If your child arrives late to school, the automated phone system will alert you from 6-7 pm that evening.

We understand that January will be a month of transitioning for families and our school staff to this new system. To avoid annoyance from the automated system, we encourage all families to be proactive in calling the school early if your child will be away from school.


Have a happy holiday! See you in the New Year.


Yours truly,



Shaune Palmer



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