Parent Council Elections- Monday, September 28th

Jackman School Council AGM
JACKMAN LIBRARY 7PM – 9PM (free childcare provided)
Jackman School Council Mission Statement
The Jackman School Council exists to provide a forum through which parents and other members of the school 
community can contribute to improving student achievement and the student experience.
The Jackman School Council (JSC) is made up of Jackman parents and guardians. Meetings are also attended by Principal Rory Sullivan, Vice Principal Freddy Frenette and teacher representatives. All parents and guardians are welcomed and encouraged to attend JSC meetings, which happen on alternating first Mondays or Wednesdays of each month at 7 pm in the library. Free babysitting is provided! All parent council members are volunteers. Within the first 30 days of school, the council holds elections to fill the current year’s council positions. The positions will be held for the remainder of the academic year.

What We Can Do For You

One of the important roles that the JSC serves is to collaborate with parents in their children’s learning. We are here to be a source of information, give a voice to parents at the school, to compliment the school’s academic goals with council funded initiatives and to serve as advisers to Jackman’s administration.
When you have questions or concerns specifically about your child, his or her teacher is a great place to begin. Do you have ideas, thoughts or questions about the larger school community, its programs and the ways we, as parents, can impact them? We can help. While we won’t always have the answer, we can get you more information, refer you to the right person to contact at Jackman or add your ideas to the next council agenda for discussion.
The Jackman School Council can also help you find ways to contribute to the school community through volunteerism. There are dozens of ways that parents can volunteer at the school. Please contact for more information.
Open Positions:
The majority of positions on the Council are held as Co-Chairs of various committees. This year we have openings in the positions listed below including a brief description of each positions main responsibilities. You can find a more comprehensive listing on our blog at Council Orientation document 2014-15
Maintains the financial records of the Council.

Makes regular reports to Council and the school community regarding financial matters related to the business of the Council.

Chairs the Operating Budget Committee which may consist of Council members and members of the general parent community.
Keeps minutes of meetings of the School Council and the school community or arranges for minutes to be kept, if unable to attend a meeting.
Maintains a complete set of minutes of meetings, Bylaws and any policies passed by the Council or school community. A set of these materials shall be available at the school for examination without charge by any person.
Communicates information from Council to the school community.
Ensures that agendas and minutes are posted in the school and on-line in an area accessible to the school community.
Prepares an annual report. The annual report will summarize the council’s activities.
Responsible for raising funds for the school in various ways – Direct Drive (attached to a specific project), Pizza Lunch, Cookie Dough Sales, Jackman Gear Sales, Magazine Drive, Harvest Fest and Spring Fair 
        Provide strategic guidance on criteria for fundraising activities so that the Principal can determine which initiatives the school will/will not support
        Coordinate the efforts of various committee members who volunteer to run individual fundraising drives and helps with each initiative as needed
        Arrange and chair regular committee meetings
        Manage the fundraising budget
        Work closely with Social/Volunteer Committee


·        September take an inventory and order new supplies of Jackman Gear in time for first Cross Country meet
·        Advertise Mabels Labels to the Jackman Community in an attempt to reduce the amount of Lost & Found items
·        October assist OEC members with set up and implementation of Harvest Festival specifically coordinating food donations for the event
·        November organize the Cookie Dough campaign. Including contacting the supplier for delivery dates, printing and distributing order forms, collating orders, accepting delivery. Coordinating volunteers to help distribute dough on delivery day in December.
 Spring Fair – predominantly responsible for obtaining sponsorship from the local community to cover costs and coordinating with Treasurer to obtain the Lottery license.  Also, organize working teams for each task to be completed (canvassing for Silent Auction, ordering of inflatables/activities and other rentals, printing/advertising for the Fair, food donations and purchases, trophies for highest ticket sales winners, wrapping and preparation of Silent Auction items and bid lists, coordinating with canvass creations, assignment of volunteer/class reps with Volunteer Co-chair. Responsible for overseeing the ultimate clean up and return of all items.t and teen volunteers for Spring Fair
–      Oversee any volunteer needs within the school, organize social events and outreach
        Organize and distribute class room contact lists of class reps and create database of various volunteer lists (bakers, staff luncheon, etc.)
        Recruit and organize paren
        Organize year end Staff Luncheon and interview night dinners for teachers
        Coordinate baked good donations for various annual events (Harvest Fest, Spring Fair)
        Purchase and send congratulation/consolation gifts to staff as necessary
        Manage budget for Acts of Kindness
        Plan and oversee MOVIE NIGHTS – these dates need to be determined in September with a minimum of 4/year
        Organize sub-committee to plan annual Parent Social
Strategic Planning
Members at Large
Please print off the nomination form, and hand it into the office by 5:00 PM on Monday, September 28th- nominationform
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