Ward Council Meeting- Tuesday, November 3rd at Blake-EAST

The Ward Council meeting at Blake/EAST is on Tuesday evening: Tuesday November 3, 2015, 7:00-9:00 pm, LIBRARY, and ROOM 1 for childminding.

Here are the details:
7:00 pm: Part I – Welcome (15 min) There is room in the agenda here for a brief presentation by the principal or school council chair about the school/council/recent happenings.
7:15 pm: Part II – Special Presentation (60 min) “Caring and Safe Schools” (60 min) Ruth Bell and Bill Byrd, Caring and Safe Schools Administrators, Mike Gallagher, Superintendent. Form Trustee Story’s recent e-newsletter: “In addition to regular meeting business, we will hear from guest speakers about safety in our schools, at both the elementary and secondary levels, from a Board-wide and a more local perspective.Sometimes students struggle to feel safe and welcome at school, and while there are programs and policies in place to create safe, caring environments in our schools, sometimes there can be bumps along the way. I hope you can attend and learn about what you can do as a partner in your child’s education to help make our schools the most welcoming and safe places possible.
8:15 pm: Part III -– Meeting Business (45 min)
9:00 pm: Meeting End
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