For Grade 6 parents- Middle School Open House Information

To:                   Grade Six Parents

Subject:         Options for Grade Seven


We have compiled the following information to help families better understand their range of school choices as they prepare for the upcoming transition to Grade Seven. The following is a list of open houses and a brief outline of different options available. Attending school information meetings will be an important part of your decision-making process as you consider the options available.


Earl Grey Senior P.S. is the main feeder school for in-district Jackman children in the English stream. All French Immersion students regardless of home address go to Earl Grey if they continue in the French Immersion program. All of our Grade Six students will visit Earl Grey in the Spring. All parents and students are invited to an Open House on January 21 at 6:00. The school has three main program areas.

Core – This is a continuation of the English program offered at Jackman.

       French Immersion – This is a continuation of the programme we offer here at Jackman. It is only for students who began in our Early Immersion Program in Senior Kindergarten.

Extended French – This program is an option for students currently in our English track. In addition to the core French language class, History and Geography are taught in French. In high school, these students take a total of 8 credits in French, and graduate with an honours bilingual certificate. Your child should currently be receiving B’s or A’s in French and should have an interest in languages to be successful.

A separate application form is needed, please see: Programs .

Westwood is located on Carlaw Avenue., phone # 416-396-2480.

Most Jackman students do not live in the Westwood catchment area. However, students may apply under optional attendance. Westwood offers grade 6/7/8 regular programs and other programming such as: ESL, HSP, LD, MID, Behavioural, and Gifted and many opportunities in a choice of co-curricular activities. Westwood’s open house is on January 14 at 6:30.


TDSB Alternative schools are an option that some families like to consider. Alternative schools do offer different programming options, but do not meet the needs of every child. If you are interested in an alternative school, you must attend the specific open house. It is the only way to gain accurate programme information and to receive an application. Three of these schools require referral forms to be completed by the classroom teacher. Please allow adequate time, as the teachers receive a number of these forms.

The TDSB has several alternative middle schools; two are in Riverdale.


Quest Alt. is housed at Withrow P.S., phone # 416-393-9430.

Students are accepted through a lottery system. Each student is required to submit a report card, a teacher referral and a piece of writing on a topic outlined by Quest. Their open house is January 26 at 6:30.


EAST Alt. is housed in Blake P.S., phone # 416-393-8442

EAST has an open lottery where each student who hands in an application has his or her name placed in a lottery. Names are randomly drawn and assigned an acceptance number. Their open house is January 28 at 6:30.


Some families consider two other alternative schools in our extended community.


Spectrum Alt. is located at Eglinton and Mount Pleasant at Eglinton P.S., phone # 416-393-9311. Students are accepted through a vetted lottery. Their open house is January 13 at 6:00.


Horizon Alt is located downtown near Kensington Market at Kensington C.S., phone # 416 – 393-1298. Students are accepted through a vetted lottery. Please call the school directly for open house information. Their open house is January 13 at 6:20.


If you are moving and unsure of your middle school, please visit – Schools – Street Guide. It will advise you of the Middle School that serves your area. Please call our office if you need assistance.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to speak with us.




Rory Sullivan                                    Freddy Frenette

Principal                                           Vice-Principal




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