Spectrum Alternative School Open House

Spectrum Alternative School Open House 2016

Invitation to Grade 6 students, parents, guardians


Spectrum is a TDSB Alternative Senior school for grades 7 and 8.


Spectrum is a school that utilizes a dual thrust approach to integrate the arts with academics. Students who are most successful here need to be capable of handling a rigorous academic programme alongside the challenges and time commitments of intensive art projects and group work.


When:            Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

Times:           There will be 3 sessions: 6:00 PM, 6:45 PM and 7:30 PM

Where:           Davisville Public School / Spectrum Alternative School

Students who attend Spectrum should:

  • enjoy being challenged intellectually
  • be dedicated to completing projects and assignments on time and with care
  • be receptive to constructive feedback
  • be responsible for consistently arriving at school on time, and being prepared for class
  • be committed to working fairly in a collaborative learning environment
  • be respectful to the feelings and needs of others, helping to create a positive school space


Applications are available online

Visit our school website for more information: http://schools.tdsb.on.ca/spectrum

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