Welcome Back!

Welcome Back

Welcome to all of our new and returning families to another great year of learning at Jackman Ave. Jr. P.S. The staff have been hard at work preparing programs and classrooms, with the enthusiasm of the new year ahead filling the hallways. Our students are settling into their new learning environments, making new friends and connecting with established ones, and learning about one another. Over the course of the year, I look forward to sharing with you our learning journey as we continue our work towards increased student achievement and well-being. The TDSB has developed online resources for parents and students to help support the return to school. These can be accessed at http://www.tdsb.on.ca/AboutUs/Innovation/WelcomeBack.aspx


Staff Changes

We welcome a new staff member to Jackman , Mr. Trevor Ellis, in Grade 6 French Immersion. We also say goodbye to our Vice-Principal, Sophia Danish, who was recently placed as an Acting Principal at another TDSB school. I look forward to working with our new Acting VP, Elaine Alexander, while the process to replace Sophia takes place. Elaine brings a wealth of experience to the role, as a former Principal in the TDSB.


School Hours

FDK and SK French Immersion;   9:00 – 3:15 (yard supervision begins at 8:45)

Grades 1-6;   8:50 – 3:30 (yard supervision begins at 8:35)


Litterless Lunch Program and Juice Boxes

This year, one key goal for our Eco team is the reduction of juice boxes left behind in the lunchrooms as either litter on the floor or in inappropriate recycling bins. As a Platinum Eco School, we will be encouraging our students to include their juice box as a part of their litterless lunch and proper recycling efforts. Our apologies for any confusion our recent flyer, included in our Back to School forms package, may have caused regarding juice boxes, the intent was to let families know our Eco goal for waste reduction. Jackman has a long history of demonstrating leadership in Eco initiatives, and our passion and commitment to reducing our carbon foot print upon our Earth, and teaching our students how to be proactive and involved in making a difference in this aspect is something we are very proud of at Jackman. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.    



For those students who remain at school for lunch, some helpful reminders;

·        We promote healthy eating at school

·        Remember to bring a fork or spoon if needed

·        Water is a great beverage, helping ensure that students do not feel dehydrated

·        Take your time to eat and enjoy your lunch – lunch rooms dismiss at 12:05 for outdoor recess

·        We are a litter-less lunch school – all litter goes home in lunch bags (except for organic wastes, which we compost where possible)

·        If you are taking your child out for lunch (outside the normal routine), it is important that you sign your child out in the office prior to leaving the school

·        We are a nut-free school zone, recognizing that we have students with life threatening food allergies


Back to School Forms Package and Nomination Form

We are sending home a package of important forms that families are asked to complete and return to school. These forms help us keep our students safe, and let us know pertinent health and medical information. Also included in the package is the Parent Council Nomination form. Our Parent Council elections will be held on Monday, September 26th  at 7 p.m. in the Library. 


Weather Conditions

We expect the next few days to remain quite warm, and remind students of the importance of keeping well hydrated with water, using sunscreen, wearing appropriate clothing (e.g. hat), seeking shade in the yard, and to not over exert themselves while outdoors.


Grade 6 Friday Lunch

A tradition at Jackman, our Grade 6 students, with parent(s) permission, are allowed to leave school on Friday for lunch. Our students typically visit the Danforth area restaurants. It’s important to note that our students represent their school at this time, and are reminded to demonstrate positive and safe behaviours that reflect our school. We ask that students make healthy eating choices (salads, sandwiches, etc), and refrain from purchasing candy and/or junk food during their Friday lunch period. Students are asked to not share any food items purchased to ensure the safety of all our students, especially those with food allergies. Friday Lunch begins Friday, September 23, and students may only participate with a permission form signed by parents.


Back-to-School Assemblies

Students will be invited to an assembly on Thursday, September 8 to review how we will all work together to create a safe, inclusive, and respectful school and learning environment.  Some key points from our assembly will be;

·        We treat each other with kindness and care

·        We celebrate our differences – they are what makes us unique and wonderful

·        We use our words to solve problems, and seek an adult to help when we cannot find a solution

·        We demonstrate positive character traits at school and in our community (e.g., respect, perseverance, integrity, honesty, kindness)

·        We recognize that mistakes are a key aspect of learning – they strengthen our abilities and capacity to respond when things don’t go well

·        We commit to doing our best, and know that working collaboratively with others results in the greatest efforts and outcomes

·        We recognize that equity and well-being are an essential component of our sense of belonging at Jackman

·        We will take risks, get involved, and take on leadership roles to empower others to make a difference in our world


Classroom Celebrations

As a school that promotes healthy eating and living choices, we ask that families choose healthy options if they are considering sending in treats to their child’s classroom. Please check with the teacher first, to see if any restrictions may need to be followed.

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