What We Can Do For You

One of the important roles that the JSC serves is to collaborate with parents in their children’s learning. We are here to be a source of information, give a voice to parents at the school, to compliment the school’s academic goals with council funded initiatives and to serve as advisors to Jackman’s administration.

When you have questions or concerns specifically about your child, his or her teacher is a great place to begin. Do you have ideas, thoughts or questions about the larger school community, its programs and the ways we, as parents, can impact them? We can help. While we won’t always have the answer, we can get you more information, refer you to the right person to contact at Jackman or add your ideas to the next council agenda for discussion.

The Jackman School Council can also help you find ways to contribute to the school community through volunteerism. There are dozens of ways that parents can volunteer at the school. Please contact jackmannews@gmail.com for more information.

2 Responses to What We Can Do For You

  1. Rhi Zome says:

    Not sure if anyone has seen this but the buddy bench sounds like a good way to combat exclusion on the playground.


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